Hygienic Disposable Garments


Why use Hygienic Disposable Garments?

Disposable Garments is understood as all those items of garments that are discarded after use (single use).

Hygienic Disposable Garment is a solution that is increasingly in demand in sectors where industrial hygiene and visits are needed.

Advantages of disposable garments for hygiene and visits


Avoid cross contamination and reduce the possibility of transmitting unwanted external agents.


The storage of this type of clothing is less than reusable garments, since being single-use, it is discarded and does not have to be stored. Only new product will be stored.


It produces great economic and energy savings, since it does not need washing.

Comfort and easy use

They fit the body well and are lightweight, so the person feels comfortable wearing this type of disposable garments.

Water repellent

They prevent the passage of gases, water, and other liquids. They have a surface that does not absorb or allow liquid or gas to pass through that could alter the safety of the processes carried out.



As it does not wear out, single-use garment gives us greater trust, . since it is in perfect condition, it prevents stains on garments and possible infections.

Food Protect

What is it?

It is the protection of processes and people in the Food Industry through proteHo® disposable or limited-use garment.


The manufacture and handling of food involves very high and strict quality standards in its processes, in order to avoid contamination of the product and/or packaging, for the molecular stability of the product and its duration. The greatest risk is found in the different people who cover or work on a production line, who can unconsciously introduce products from abroad if they are not well protected.


With the proper use of disposable or limited-use garments, RAMOS STS® has proteHo® brand disposable or limited garment products that comply withOOD CONTACT CERTIFICATE: (CE) 2023/2006 and (UE) 2017/ 752. A plus guarantee for the protection of Processes and People in the Food Industry.

proteHo® products

proteHo® is the RAMOS STS® brand of disposable garmentsCERTIFIED FOR CONTACT WITH FOOD: (CE) 2023/2006 and (UE) 2017/752. It has a wide range of protective accessory products, such as gowns, aprons, caps, sleeves, shoe covers, proteHo Gloves® nitrile gloves and any product to be developed to meet the hygiene and protection needs that the customer may require.

Sustainable garments

We go one step further committing ourselves to the Environment, developing solutions with friendlier and more sustainable fabrics.


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