RAMOS STS®, a family business with more than 35 years of experience in Disposable Protective Garments in the Personal Protection and Processes sector (PPE Personal Protective Equipment).

WE DEVELOP the most appropriate solution, taking into account the type of application, the work environment and the hazards involved.

WE ADVISE,listen, understand and propose the best solution with the experience of a sales team that guarantees individual and personalized attention to each client.

WE PRODUCE; Possibly, we have the widest range of finished products and solutions in Europe .

We manufacture certified own brands

Manufacturers ofDisposable Clothing, , proteHo® USE&GO®, TEX-PRO®, proteHo® MEDISIDE®, proteHo® GLOVES y protECO®.

Official Distributor of…

DuPont™ with its range of Tyvek®, Tychem®, Proshield®.

Indutex, S.p.A, with its range of productsPartiGuard®, Sprayguard®, Propguard®, JetGuard®, JetGuard® Plus, Gasguard®, CleanGuard®.

Protective Garments

The operators of any industry are exposed every day to different hazards that can threaten their safety or health while carrying out their work.

As a barrier to these hazards, the operator must be provided with the appropriate Protective Garments which will depend on and be valued according to the type of work that is carried out.













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